Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Styles

Hair Styles: A Collection of the Cute DOs

Bonjour lovelys!
        These are some of my favorite hair styles. They are a bit complicated but worth the time!
From the top going from left to right:
1. Super long hair with a braid 
2. Blue bow, bun and a braid! What else do u need?
3. Wavy blonde hair with a side braid, my go to hair style!
4. Bow and curls, so pretty
5. Messy pony, good look for the beach
6. Braid around the head or the bangs
7. High bun with adorable bangs!
8. Crazy braid
9. Simply cute braid
10. Braided headband!
11. Woah, can’t even explain
12.Fish tale, regular braid and flowers!

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