Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Essentials

FALL Essentials

1. Cinna’s (From the Hunger Games) Gold Eyeliner: simple but noticeable. I absolutely love it!
2. Brown Booties $25: I have these ones. They are super comfy but cute. They also pair well with pastels.
3. Speaking of pastels, Pastel Pants: I don’t have a pair, but i plan to get some. I might even want some in shorts form!
4. Red Dress $60: expensive but very cute and useful.  
5. Black Lace Dress $50: I absolutely NEED this dress. This could be paired with statement jewelry or shoes.
6. High Wasted Jean Shorts $44: The only problem with these are you have to have a lean tummy to wear them, but i want them anyways! 
7. Spiked Comb, DIY from Honestlywtf.com: Very edgy especially for spring, but edgy things with like floral prints makes a wonderful mix.
8. Flowers and Jewels Headband, DIY from Honestlywtf.com: I made one of these and i adore it! But it doesn’t really look like tis one, but i still love it!
9. Tribal Print Nails: I heart heart heart heart heart these I need to do them.
10. Pretty Pastel Nail Polish: Of course pastel is great for spring!
11. Studded Shoes: These are really cool, i have no idea were to get them!
12. Archery Boots: I want these so badly. They remind me of Katniss’ boots in the movie The Hunger Games!
13. Top Knot with Bangs: I adore this hair style! I wish i had these bangs! (This is just a sneak peak of my hair style posts so I’ll have more!) I also really like her eye makeup!
I hope you like my essentials! this is all i could think of for the moment, so there might be more!

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